The Cards Say (September 3, 2011)

I passed by something new at the Flea this past weekend: an empty tent with a woman in sunglasses, a deck of cards, and a small folding table.

I neither believe nor disbelieve in tarot readings. I’ve only had a couple very casual, unstructured experiences with them previously. Let’s look at the cards and see what we see, that sort of thing.

This was different: she closed her eyes, put much deliberation into feeling her way through the cards, and she interpreted them with authority.

She told me she’s been doing tarot readings for 16 years. Some of what was said rings true, some not so much. Either way: last Saturday, this was what the cards had to say.

I’m curious to pop back in next week; at a buck a minute, it’s hard to decline.

5 September 2011, 15:13

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