What Feels True

As newly published at vanderbiltrepublic.com/agency:

The Vanderbilt Republic explores paradigm shifts. Presently, we’re examining the purpose and place of the artist in society.

Social and commercial systems of apartness have fostered an atmosphere of scarcity, a tiny fraction of artists thrive, the connecting power of art is bottled by dogma. This is the world we know.

Understanding the creative spirit to be an endless reserve of hope, information, and value, we’re exploring a new way: cooperative, vibrant, small-footprint platforms for artists connected to the soul of their craft.

We’re publishing original content online, staging pop-up happenings, and developing large-scale content delivery systems. As these blossom, more will follow.

A better world is ours for the making and the tools to do the job already exist. What remains is to dispel the illusion that the work belongs to anyone but ourselves.

23 February 2012, 13:54

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