The Owners of The Future

Man Up is a global campaign to activate youth to stop violence against women and girls. On March 8, they hosted a fundraiser at 25CPWAFTH2011’s project space.

The showing was excellent; the fundraiser was a success; Questlove on the decks was a definite treat; the afterparty at Red Roots was made classic by Driftwood’s good graces. Goodness across the board, but not the key takeaway of my evening.

Humming a tune at the 59th street station, still smiling from the easy companionship of the good people Bess keeps close, I reflected on the conversation and connections made, and the truth of Kevyn’s words settled in before I was aware of them.

The future will belong to those with open minds and open hearts, who can appreciate beauty in all its forms. —KEVYN AUCOIN

Alongside said appreciation for beauty comes the power to embrace change, to seize the potential of every (inevitable) turn of the wheel — fearlessly.

Growing with change means floating on the emotions ushered in and stepping through to what comes after. Yeah, this means walking on water, it could mean growing wings, but it also means something simple, it means that there is no fear, there is no failure, there is nowhere to fall, everything we’re doing is what we’re here to do, so long as the soul sings along the way, and after it all, after the sunsets and the skirts that trail along the floor, and this, and so much more, what other way is there to go?

23 March 2012, 12:49

Your Turn