Rebecca and I met just after September 11th.
We were both volunteering downtown; I was a young photographer and she was heavy with her first son.

Our rapport was immediate, built on easy laughs over udon soup lunches. The idea to collaborate on one small, it'll be fun shoot was hers.

Five portrait sessions have since happened:

2002: Rebecca was 8 months pregnant.
2003: Jonah was 1.
2006: Rebecca was 8 months pregnant, Jonah was 4.
2008: Elijah was 1, Jonah was 6.
2012: Elijah was 5, Jonah was 10.

The continuation of this series I enjoy leaving to time and tide.

I look forward to meeting our future selves when we collaborate next. So much in life begins with yes.


“A Love Song” (excerpt) — William Carlos Williams