‘Mediterranean Sun’ (July/2011)

let’s lie back and watch the passion inform the tides,
you and I

with space enough in this life
to run through all lingering traces of unhappiness
smoothing the wrinkles I stitched into your heart
as mine starts to open

hoping you can forgive its flaws
mountains of appleseeds
left in your breeze

a scattering of lunar emotions;
quiet, blueblack, deep

as an ocean of lust for a body
that’s not here
unlike these holes in my socks
exposed toes wet in testing waters

leaving me with questions:

where does the time go?
did the air always taste this sweet?

lamplights surging bright then dim
and clocks ticking off seconds
offer no answer
thoughts of your smile and hips
leave me no peace

keeping pace with my mind’s delerium
and my heart’s hopes,
maybe the cure for the wandering
my waking states equate

some lingering of reserve…

the sun shines on the Mediterranean
moons spin on their axes
dust settles
and I realize that I don’t care who wins anymore.

10 July 2011, 12:15

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