Mami Lilia’s Arroz Con Pollo

Feeds 6.

—2 cups of rice
—Half of one small chicken, use everything, shred it small
—Green peas, half a pound, 3-4 minutes in boiling water, then drain
—Onion. Cut into rounds, just a little bit
—Black pepper, whatever you like
—And ketchup. That depends. It’s up to you. In the end, you know how you like it
—Fresh parsley, chopped, just sprinkle it
—And olive oil

The first thing is, you cook the rice. 3 cups of water. Every cup of rice needs 1.5 times as much water. Salt the water to taste, but always use a little bit. It’s no good without salt. Olive oil also, probably 6 spoons of olive oil.

I put the oil, the rice, the water, the salt.

When the water is completely dry, you lower the heat and put the lid on the pot. Stir with a spoon, leave it for 10 minutes, stir again, leave for 10 minutes.

Now all the ingredients are ready, you know. The chicken, the peas, the parsley, the onion, you mix in a bigger pan. You put all the ingredients, then you mix. You put the ketchup, ¡picante no! If you want that, you have to put it separate. After the ketchup, you put more olive oil, to make sure the rice is not dry.

Fry an egg and put it on top before serving.

Then next day, when you fry, it’s even better than the first time.

19 October 2011, 12:07

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