The post that relaunched S+ last Tuesday had been on my mind all through the remainder of the week, long of tooth and claw as it was.

By Saturday, I was more than ready for some non-metaphorical, reflective downtime.

I live right across the street from a church, Brown Memorial. It’s been under renovation for years. And this weekend, or more precisely, the moment I stepped outside, their grand Rededication Service began — complete with student orchestra, 200-person deep line of worshippers, and police-present closure of Washington Avenue.

Rededication… I don’t think I’d ever used the word before last week. Spellcheck complains every time I type it and my workstation’s dictionary/thesaurus has no entry.

But there it was, on a banner opposite my home, and in the hearts of everyone around me- REDEDICATION. Let’s get cosmic, baby.

6 February 2012, 14:44

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