The Posse+ Retreat, A Picture Story

“My Pen & Pad” by Blackalicious, from The Craft (2006).
For more about the Posse+ Retreat, see The Posse Foundation.

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Large and heartfelt thanks to the ~100 retreatants that allowed me to access this remarkably large-scale-and-intimate experience — despite the clackety-clack of 53,000 shutter snaps. I’ve done my best & hope it suffices.

These Posse-run retreats are powerful experiences; it’s little wonder that Posse has grown to become the juggernaut it is. Thanks to Rico Blancaflor, I’ve covered three retreats as storyteller, and the space they occupy is rarified, intoxicating. The facilitators are luminous beings, and by way of group activities, thought exercises, and subtle conductions of energy a mass of individuals are brought to higher ground.

It’s a marvel to witness… But particularly intense. Everyone works with heart wide open for 18 hours/day; I swim through the last night to create a live slideshow presentation of what I’ve seen. Meaning: I edit tens of thousands of images down to a few thousand and manually advance the frames to a soundtrack of my choice, live on a large-scale projection. No matter how often I rehearse the performance through the night, the live presentation is unique, flawed, and oh-so-nerve-jangling.

The next one I’m booked to cover for Posse will be in DC this June — OSSE’s Breakpoint.

I can’t wait.

18 February 2012, 18:10

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