She's Gotta Have It

In 1986 I was 10, and Spike Lee’s first film was playing on the small big screen of the Waverly Twin. She’s Gotta Have It gave boy-me his first carnal exposure to jazz, photography, and women… Thanks, mom.

This Monday, I enjoyed the film in a proper cinema for the first time in 26 years — as my right hand intermittently photographed the screen. I had no idea what he was looking for, but I knew it didn’t require my forebrain, so I let it flow.

The sex scenes were skipped, as were many landmark moments. Odd, I thought.

Tuesday night was for red wine and a listening session with the film’s vinyl soundtrack, resident of my life since the late nineties courtesy Thatkidprolific. Reflection on the film’s qualities through recent sensation, Bill Lee’s absolutely classic score, and the 57 photographs on my phone spontaneously produced the Picture Story above.

There’s more I could say. A lot came up in the very quick, very light making of this.

But it would only belie the point: see what’s there.

See it simply… See it sweetly.

2 March 2012, 16:20

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