‘Blink’ (August/1998)

it was when she blinked
that the world went out of focus
it was a half second
a train transfer to an express
an uptown preaching of original sin
it was 6 hours to judgement day
whiling the hours away
with safe sex
a problematic kaleidoscopic solution
to a skin rash of a problem
fixing the holes during a meteor storm
catching all the raindrops in a fucking colander
like Ralph said
so the day begins
to make its decisions about which
thatched-roof huts
get the sun
and which get the shade
I beckon her to put her lingerie on
you know, the sexy stuff that makes me
confuse her with the sea
it was a life alone
in a blink
she asked me to put it all on a floppy once
I burned her a CD instead
I called it love
within them thunderstorms
lies a kind of tabla beat
like the bodies
of the dark chocolate stout sisters of 125th street
like boots and jeans in August
like nymphomania
but I tried it twice
all I found was fluorescent death
a phoenix flame revival
courtesy the incancesdents
neither time did I learn my lesson
maybe there’s a truth to be found in the bed
between the covers
given the right
an eye blink
of a moment’s hesitation.

4 July 2011, 15:36