The Undelivered Speech

Art From the Heart is a pop-up that my company hosts. The most recent installment was last Saturday, at 25CPW. To ensure that everyone present the night of understood AFTH’s intention, I drafted a short speech. It turned out to be unnecessary; the energy spoke for itself.

I’m putting this out there for anyone who might hear of the show in the future. This is meant to be delivered via human microphone.

Mic check?

Welcome back
To Art From the Heart.

I love you.

These are times
Of empowerment.
People are forgetting their fear
And remembering
The power of their choices.

We all know
What we really want.

People want to express,
People want to be understood,
People want to connect.

Art is the bridge
We build
Between our insides.

Art brings
Grace and beauty
To the confusion
Of our lives.

Art points the way—

Only in an upside-down world
Would hearts and eyes
Be force-fed entertainment
While artists struggle
And art remains a luxury.

This life
This moment
Is our chance
To flip the script
To make our mark
For good.

See you next year.

16 November 2011, 12:04