[The Listserve] Say Yes to Music

+ + + From: CarltonLion — Australia + + +

Thought I would share with you the year I said Yes to every music concert I came across. Needless to say it was a very expensive year but also incredibly rewarding and the spirit of musical adventure has stayed with me.

It started with a simple wish for this little IT Geek to get out more. I have a love of music – not just one style but the very thought of music fills me with joy. To that end I decided to go to every concert that I came across or heard about.

I went to music festivals, choral works, musical theatre and opera; to see blues and rock bands at pubs, country and western stampedes, jazz in the park, saw Leonard Cohen under the stars and cried as I heard Barber’s Adagio for Strings played live for the first time.

What did I learn? I learned to listen. Not just to music but to atmosphere, to the joy of those around me, to wonder at the incredible gestalt that can form between artist(s) and the audience and to rejoice in the ability to allow sound to fill your heart until you are sure you must glow with radiance.

To this day I still say Yes to music with three more events added over the weekend.

I hope that this email may inspire you to say Yes to a new experience in your life. The cuisine of the world is my next adventure.

Smiles and thanks for reading.

22 September 2012, 15:21