Rededication II

I’ve been writing again. Only in small shots, and as narrow time can allow. But it feels like the beginning of a flood. And thus it is time to reclaim this space — this chronicle of an instrumental, monumental period of my life (2011-2013), within which I can now see the seeds of so much that I’ve produced, designed or brought to life.

My convictions are more clear and firm than before. And with all praise due to the new American loathsomeness, the atmosphere is becoming thick with dissent, ideas, and ultimately – revolution.

Let’s see what seeds these incipient words within me can plant to bring us closer to that. The madness we’re living through now is simply too untenable to last, and I’m looking forward to a summer impeachment to get all the dominoes falling. America is overdue.

24 March 2017, 13:54