[The Listserve] Say Yes to Music

+ + + From: CarltonLion — Australia + + +

Thought I would share with you the year I said Yes to every music concert I came across. Needless to say it was a very expensive year but also incredibly rewarding and the spirit of musical adventure has stayed with me.

It started with a simple wish for this little IT Geek to get out more. I have a love of music – not just one style but the very thought of music fills me with joy. To that end I decided to go to every concert that I came across or heard about.

I went to music festivals, choral works, musical theatre and opera; to see blues and rock bands at pubs, country and western stampedes, jazz in the park, saw Leonard Cohen under the stars and cried as I heard Barber’s Adagio for Strings played live for the first time.

What did I learn? I learned to listen. Not just to music but to atmosphere, to the joy of those around me, to wonder at the incredible gestalt that can form between artist(s) and the audience and to rejoice in the ability to allow sound to fill your heart until you are sure you must glow with radiance.

To this day I still say Yes to music with three more events added over the weekend.

I hope that this email may inspire you to say Yes to a new experience in your life. The cuisine of the world is my next adventure.

Smiles and thanks for reading.

22 September 2012, 15:21

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[The Listserve] Under Pressure

+ + + From: Jennifer Cox — Ft. Worth, TX USA + + +


I’M ON YEAR SIX OF RAISING MY CHILDREN ALONE. Eight are still at home. For years I languished. Stuck. Broken. But my kids kept growing. All these dreams I’ve had for us, for me, didn’t end because my marriage ended, or I couldn’t finance them or find time to breathe life into them. They ended because I gave up on them; resigned myself to the fact that life was always going to be hard. So, I put my dreams on paper and figured out what I needed to do to make them happen. I wrote down what it would feel like to accomplish them. I’m not talking about buying stuff or jetting around the world. I’m talking about living!

AND YESTERDAY, EXHAUSTED, I ALMOST GAVE IN AND SLEPT. Then I saw this pinned to the board above my desk: “Don’t give up what you LOVE most for what you WANT now.” My bucket list contains one item: I want to live someplace beautiful. Everything else will fall into place from there. Taking a nap in the miserable heat won’t get me there. But knocking out that research paper; boxing up clutter to sell/give away; and snuggling with my kids, talking about our first winter in the snow gets me closer. Going to bed early last night with the kids helped, too.

‘Love dares you to change the way you care about yourself.’

“Under Pressure” — Queen

6 September 2012, 12:46

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[The Listserve] The View From 65

I’m a proud subscriber to The Listserve, a daily email: The Listserve’s magic is that one random person from the subscriber pool is chosen to speak to the collective. The messages are uplifting, thought-provoking, and well-written.

And sometimes it’s the best information I get all day: these, I’ll republish here.

+ + + From: Penny Rice — Columbia, Maryland USA + + +

EMBRACE LOVE IN ALL OF ITS FORMS, live with a strong connection to your higher self, laugh loudly and often … with yourself as your main source of amusement.

ELIMINATE MANUFACTURED FEAR. Root out all messages and warnings of fear instilled within you by parents, teachers, leaders, TV, media and your imagination. Look around you and see the ways you are safe, secure and empowered. Regardless of your circumstances, there is good in your life. See it, acknowledge it, enjoy it and be thankful.

LIFE IS AN ADVENTURE. There’re opportunities every day to learn new things, meet new people, gain new perspective and explore new ideas … many only appear once. Don’t miss them.

TELL YOUR TRUTH OF THE MOMENT. (It will evolve as you grow and change.) Be authentic by your definition, not what others cast upon you.

TREAT EACH PERSON YOU MEET AS THE UNIQUE INDIVIDUAL THEY ARE. Learn something from every person. Notice their eyes; their spirit, their beauty. Acknowledge them with a smile, nod or thought.

BECOME AWARE OF YOUR NEGATIVE AND JUDGMENTAL THOUGHTS. Counter them with love. Forgive yourself for actions that have hurt others. Vow to change the behavior. Forgive those who have hurt you because in doing so, you make room for love, laughter and joy.

Remember and honor those who have loved, cherished, protected, guided, taught, and, yes, even those who have pissed you off.

The way I see it, Love is a much better place from which to live a life.

Thank you.

28 August 2012, 12:27

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There Is No Shame In Wanting

Untitled (“Last Love”) — Rachel McKibbens.

24 August 2012, 19:07

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The Beginner’s Rules

From A Treatise on White Magic, by Alice Bailey:

1. View the world of thought, and separate the false out of the true.

2. Learn the meaning of illusion, and in its midst locate the golden thread of truth.

3. Control the body of emotion, for the waves that rise upon the stormy seas of life engulf the swimmer, shut out the sun and render all plans futile.

4. Discover that thou hast a mind and learn its dual use.

5. Concentrate the thinking principle, and be master of thy mental world.

6. Learn that the thinker and his thought and that which is the means of thought are diverse in their nature, yet one in ultimate reality.

7. Act as the thinker, and learn it is not right to prostitute thy thought to the base use of seperative desire.

8. The energy of thought is for the good of all and for the furtherance of the plan of God. Use it not therefore for thy selfish ends.

9. Before a thought-form is by thee constructed, vision its purpose, ascertain its goal, and verify the motive.

10. For thee, the aspirant on the way of life, the way of conscious building is not yet the goal. The work of cleaning out the atmosphere of thought, of barring fast the doors of thought to hate and pain, to fear, and jealousy and low desire, must first precede the conscious work of building. See to thy aura, oh traveler on the way.

11. Watch close the gates of thought. Sentinel desire. Cast out all fear, all hate, all greed. Look out and up.

12. Because thy life is mostly centered on the plane of concrete life, thy words and speech will indicate thy thought. To these pay close attention.

13. Speech is of triple kind.
The idle words will each produce effect. If good and kind, naught need be done. If otherwise, the paying of the price cannot long be delayed.
The selfish words, sent forth with strong intent, build up a wall of separation. Long time it takes to break that wall and so release the stored-up, selfish purpose. See to thy motive, and seek to use those words which blend thy little life with the large purpose of the will of God.
The word of hate, the cruel speech which ruins those who feel its spell, the poisonous gossip, passed along because it gives a thrill — these words kill the flickering impulses of the soul, cut at the roots of life, and so bring death.
If spoken in the light of day, just retribution will they bring; when spoken and then registered as lies, they strengthen that illusory world in which the speaker lives and holds him back from liberation. If uttered with intent to hurt, to bruise and kill, they wander back to him who sent them forth and him they bruise and kill.

14. The idle thought, the selfish thought, the cruel hateful thought if rendered into word produce a prison, poison all the springs of life, lead to disease, and cause disaster and delay. Therefore, be sweet and kind and good as far as in thee lies. Keep silence and the light will enter in.

15. Speak not of self. Pity not thy fate. The thoughts of self and of thy lower destiny prevent the inner voice of thine own soul from striking upon thine ear. Speak of the soul; enlarge upon the plan; forget thyself in building for the world. Thus is the law of form offset. Thus can the rule of love enter upon that world.

21 August 2012, 19:03

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